Nanobionic Wellness Pet Blanket

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Our new cuddly Nanobionic “Wellness Pet Blanket” was developed to provide your pet with maximum well-being and comfort. It creates an extraordinary feel-good experience for all fur noses and velvet paws, high-quality and fluffy, in combination with our sensational effective Nanobionic technology.

Our exclusive “Wellness Pet Blanket” is the perfect place to sleep and rest tired paws. The soft Nanobionic coating is applied to the fabric to enhance your pet’s well-being. A harmonious fusion of well-being and rest through scientific INNOVATION!

Pet products made with our Nanobionic technology cause increased local blood flow that promotes your pet’s health.

Promote a temporary increase in local blood flow.

Improve faster recovery
Increase general well-being
Promote restful sleep

Features and benefits

Nanobionic RE-3 technology is a mineral infused fabric that absorbs your pet’s body heat and converts it into infrared energy.

The extracted infrared energy is then reflected back into the muscles, helping our 4-pawed family members recover better and faster.

Nanobionic is a performance, wellness and recovery brand that offers exceptional wellness benefits.


100% polyester fleece
Double material
Grey colour with red stitching
Item number: NB-32001

SKU: NB-32001