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Nanobionic® Wellness Pet Bed
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Our new cuddly Nanobionic "Wellness Pet Bed" was developed to...
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Nanobionic Wellness Pet Blanket
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Our new cuddly Nanobionic "Wellness Pet Blanket" was developed to...

Blending Science with
Wellness & Recovery

Harmonious fusion of well-being and recovery, through scientific innovation.
NANOBIONIC® is a clinically proven technology that promotes the well-being and recovery of any pet. A permanent soft coating (a blend of far-infrared FIR emitting natural minerals) is applied to the tissue.
This coating binds the body’s natural energy to promote better recovery throughout.
Far infrared (long wave infrared rays) are invisible waves of energy that have the ability to penetrate the skin and stimulate blood flow.


A world where…

your pet could have more energy

A world where…

your pet could improve quality of sleep

A world where…

your pet could have wellness and recovery benefits.

You can stop imagining!

This is what Nanobionic Technology does today

Nanobionic is the next generation of bio functional materials that combines science, technology and nature

Your PET is an energy source

Your Pets‘ Body

1. Produces energy
2. Wastes energy
3. Can now recycle and enhance its own energy with Nanobionic

Nanobionic promotes




For the first time in history, pets have the ability to recycle and enhance their own energy.
All this energy that is constantly produced by the pet’s body and goes wasted we can put it back to the work in a natural and efficient way
The moment you treat a product with Nanobionic technology is not a simple product anymore. It is a wellness solution!

Imagine connecting to a nearly
endless source of energy

that is Nanobionic